On Completion of the course, each delegate will do the official Sage Pastel Advanced exam.

Duration : 2 hours
Pass rate : 75%
Method : Online exam

  • Results will be communicated immediately on completion by Pastel.
  • Certificates to successful candidates will be issued electronically by Sage Pastel.

Product Description

This Sage 50c Pastel Partner Intermediate course is suitable for those who want to become proficient in the use of accounting or business software. It is suitable for both beginners, new to Pastel software, and professionals already working with pastel software. At the end of this course, you will be able to get the maximum use out of the Pastel software.

This comprehensive 3 ½ day training course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a bookkeeper to trial balance function using Sage Pastel Partner.


Learners need to have passed the Sage Pastel Intermediate Course.



  • Advanced Functions in the File Menu
  • Advanced Functions
  • Advanced Customer Functions
  • Advanced Supplier Functions
  • Advanced Functions in the Change Menu
  • Advanced Functions in the Utility Menu
  • Other Advanced Functions
  • Scheduled Invoicing



Advanced functions: File menu

  • Consolidating companies
  • Export / Import
  • Data Integrity
  • Send and Receive Accountant Data
  • Printer / Fonts Setup


Advanced functions

  • User Setup
  • Creating a new Entry Type
  • Editing the Tax Box Layout
  • Budgets
  • Projects
  • Depreciation
  • Accruals
  • Purchase of an asset
  • Tax in the general journal
  • Using a salaries and wages control account


Advanced Customer functions

  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Discount and special prices
  • Make One for All feature
  • Accounting for bad debts

Advanced Supplier functions

  • Additional cost invoices
  • Processing invoices


Advances functions in Change menu

  • Delete History / Clear Files
  • Delete Inactive Customers / Suppliers
  • Open Item / Balance Forward Conversions
  • Reconcile / Unreconciled Cash Book
  • Renumber Codes
  • Block Customers / Suppliers Assistant
  • On Hold Assistant


Advanced function Utility menu

  • Microsoft Office Integration


Other Advanced Functions

  • Forms Designer
  • Forms Assistant


Connected Service

  • Mobility
  • Sage Pay
  • My Customers` Zone
  • Pay Now



  • Inventory selling price adjustment
  • Inventory count procedure


Year End

  • What the Year End does
  • Preparing to run the year end
  • Year-end check list
  • Running the Year End Assistant


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