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Code Course Title Duration
FA 1 First Aid level 1 U/S 119567  L1 CR 5 2 Days
FR 1 Basic Fire Fighting & Prevention U/S 252250 L1 CR 3 ½ Day
HS 2 SHE Representative U/S 259622 L2 CR 3 1 Day
HS3 Risk assessment Auditing inspection U/S 120333 L3 CR4 1 Day
HS 4 Accident/Incident Investigation & Reporting Methodology U/S 259617 L2 CR 3 or

U/S 120335 Unit Standard Aligned

1 Day
HS 5 Legislation (Incl. OHS Act & Regulation Book) U/S 120344 & 259601 L2/4 CR2/4 2 Days
HS 5 C Construction Legislation ( Construction regulation 2014) Add to US 120344 1 Day
HS 6 (HIRAC) Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment  U/S120330 L3 CR 1 Day
HS 7 Hazardous Materials Awareness L4 CR 3 U/S 120370 L3 CR4 Unit Standard Aligned 1 Day
HS 8 Emergency Planning  U/S 259597  L4 CR 3 or U/S 120329 L3 CR 2 Unit Standard Aligned 1 Day
HS11 Safe work Procedures 3 Days
  Additional course for Construction Safety Officers only.

In the process of being accredited.

Total for the above is 14 Days


HS14 Construction Safety Training U/S 244283 L5 CR 10 (Same as SAMTRAC)

Safety Manager

3 Days
HS12 Control Cost and Productivity of Construction Project U/S 262844 L 4 CR 12

Safety Officer

4 Days
HS15 Manage Health and Safety on a construction project U/S 15136 L5 CR 6 2 Days




Are the courses based on SAQA unit standards?

All of our training courses are SAQA unit standard aligned in accordance with NQF (National

Qualifications Framework) All of our Courses are accredited except for the one’s in Red. In the process of being accredited in Blue.


What do we get when we register?


  • Safety Officer File for filing manuals for the above mentioned courses
  • First Aid Gloves, mouth piece and other training materials
  • Occupational Health and Safety ACT and Regulations (85 of 1993) Latest version.



What do we get upon completion?

  • First Aid Level One Certificate
  • Basic Fire Fighting Certificate



  • Safety Officer Certificate


  • Separate Certificates for all the Construction Safety Training courses.
  • First Aid and Basic Fire



  • CD with required forms and document templates to manage all Occupational Health and Safety on the construction site.

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