Product Description

Unit Standard 12484

Place: New Germany

Credits: 4

Duration: 1 Day



Qualifying learners can select and use the appropriate fire-fighting equipment to extinguish or control fires in the workplace. On successful completion, candidates can lead a fire-team.


The course covers 

  • Types of fires such as organic materials/fibre materials, flammable liquids and gases, live electrical equipment, combustible metal fires.
    • Fire contexts, e.g. the nature of the area where the fire is, adjacent hazards, and structural materials.
    • Methods of fire transmission, i.e. conduction, induction, radiation.
    • Combustible hazards, e.g. combustible materials and temperatures, compressed containers, electrical equipment, structure and layout of the site.
    • Firefighting equipment including hoses, extinguishers and buckets.
    • Changes in a fire, i.e. wind direction, backdraft, ventilation, the release of hazardous substances, radiation, or as a result of incorrect application of
    • firefighting procedures.
    • Fire monitoring issues include status of fire, status of firefighting equipment, controlling access, structural damage and equipment retrieval,
    • firefighting casualties.


  1. Discuss and explain procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace
    2. Identify the type of fire, its context and select the appropriate firefighting procedure
    3. Identify, select and check appropriate firefighting and safety equipment
    4. Fight containable/extinguishable fires
    5. Retreat from fire site and hand over to appropriate personnel

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