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Unit Standard 115753

Place: New Germany

Credits: 15

Duration: 5 Days





Programme Outline:

This stand-alone unit standard enables a candidate to acquire direct practical skills to prepare and conduct assessments within their field of expertise. The course is structured to include the following practical skills and knowledge that allow a candidate to be an effective part of a skills development team. The programme is designed with a broad selection of best practice to enable the successful candidate to understand and execute assessments as per the Quality Management Systems (QMS) of any organisation they work with.


The topics covered in the programme are:

  • Introduction and background to the NQF and outcomes-based education.
  • Preparing to conduct assessments.
  • Collecting and recording different types of assessment evidence.
  • Giving feedback effectively to assessed candidates.

. Reviewing the assessment process and associated criteria.

Programme Structure:

The course is presented over four weekdays, Monday to Thursday. Three days are dedicated to the theory component of the programme and the 4th day is for assistance in compiling the portfolio of evidence (P.O.E.) in readiness for assessment. The assessment is carried out on the fifth day.


Evidence for the assessment is gathered in 2 ways. The candidate will be required to prepare and role-play an

Assessment situation. The theory component is covered by knowledge questions and activities in the P.O.E.

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